Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mattie's Orange Cinnamon Poppy Seed Cake

(Page 262). A great thing about boxed cake mixes is they are very forgiving.  This morning we went to see my mother-in-law who lives about 2 1/2 hour drive  from our home.  I decided I would rather make a breakfast cake once I got to her house than to get up at "0 dark hundred" to mix and bake it at home.  So, I gathered all the ingredients except eggs and sugar which I was pretty sure she would have and took the whole kit and kaboodle with us.  MIL and I talked the whole time I was mixing up the batter. Consequently despite having the cook book right in front of me, I wasn't fully concentrating and  failed to add all the ingredients.  I mixed the cake mix, eggs, and pudding mix for the directed 1 minute to mix - commented on how thick the batter seemed, looked at the cook book which said batter would be thick and smooth - and said "I guess so" and then turned up the mixer and beat for the directed two minutes.  At the end of the two minutes I commented again on how thick the batter was and looked again at the name of the cake - at which point I realized - Orange....... I forgot to add the 1 cup of orange juice.  Oh well - pour it in, mix on low a few seconds, then turned up the mixer again and beat another 2 minutes to make sure the orange juice was thoroughly mixed in and the batter was smooth.  Over-beat?  I guess so - so I gently dropped the bowl a few times a couple of inches on the counter to elliminate some of the air bubbles.....

The result?  The cake was very light and airy - maybe if I make it again, the next time the cake will be a little more dense, but I suspect still quite tender considering the pudding and the amount of liguid added.

In addition to the cakes light airy texture, the orange flavor was distinctive but delecate.  The cinnamon flavor - well coming from a lover of cinnamon, was perfect.  The poppy seeds added a little flavor and interesting texture to the swirls and the bottom of the coffee cake.   A good companion to a morning cup of coffee.

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